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A round-up of Google Maps interestingness

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1. View tweets sent from a particular location on Google Maps
Google maps tweets

This week, whilst searching on Google Maps, I came across a feature I hadn’t noticed before. It seems that if you have the Hootsuite bookmarklet, you can also see results for tweets sent near the location you’re looking for. You can set the radius to between 500 metres and 25 kilometres and even add it as a stream on Hootsuite.

I can imagine this feature might be useful for someone wanting to research a particular area or a company organising an event. It’s also really fun to play around with!

2. Paintings of cities superimposed on to Google Street View

Image by Halley Docherty

Image by Halley Docherty

Halley Docherty has created a fascinating series of collages by superimposing paintings of cities on to their modern day Street View. I love the way the original painting and the moment in time captures by Google merge into one another. It is also fascinating to see how much the cities have changed, but also how some – like Venice and Amsterdam – have remained unchanged for hundreds of years!

3. Google Faces


This project from Omformative created a face detection algorithm to find faces on Google Maps. Some of the images – like the one above – are really stunning. I was also fascinated to learn about the phenonmenon of Pareidolia!


Author: Naomi Racz

I am a nature writer, with a particular interest in urban nature. I also write about social media and work in communications with an NGO.

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